Errors on the time sheet can happen with any tool Employees use, whether it be on paper, or even when using software like HRIS. Wage and hour lawsuits are one of the top liabilities for businesses. HRIS establishes the foundational tools and environment necessary to identify these vectors and allow its users to act expeditiously to prevent legal action.

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HRIS Analytics Dashboards don't have what I need to identify trends in my business. How do I run a report and make my own dashboard?

It’s true, HRIS Analytics Dashboard doesn’t exactly have everything a business is looking for in a dashboard. However, HRIS does have a powerful and robust Report Center. By Navigating to the Report Center, you can find all types of information such as:
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I’m a mid-sized company and I’m struggling with the HRIS rollout. I have unique business requirements. HRIS specialists take a few days to respond and meet with me. Who can I go to for help?

Implementing a new HRIS system can be a difficult task. You must devote time and people for a successful rollout. If you don’t have time to waste and have other business priorities, you could save thousands of dollars asking for help from companies that have rolled HRIS out successfully.
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Our small team is spending too much time with HRIS Administration. We want to focus on our business goals. Are there part-time HRIS HRIS administrators we can hire?

Yes! At All About HR Services, we are the first to offer HRIS Administration assistance. We can audit your timecards, organize your documents, tasks, checklists, submit payroll, and more for you!
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