HRIS Modules 

We can customize HRIS modules to fit your unique business and implement company-wide to improve productivity & ROI. 


Once we get you up and running, we can take the administration off your hands so you can focus on your business goals.


We can provide training on each module for your employees. We can also set up and manage data reporting & analysis.

Why Us?

As HRIS customers ourselves, we understand implementation challenges unique to small/medium size businesses. 
Our HRIS expertise runs deep, as we’ve
successfully deployed the entire Paycom
You’ll avoid unnecessary pitfalls in your HRIS
rollout by utilizing our best practices.
We’ll see you through the entire process,
from initial setup to company-wide
We can provide ongoing training and
support - no need for you to hire a full-time
We also offer HR auditing & compliance
support through our AAHRS services.
Bottom line: By leveraging our payroll
expertise, you’ll save time, resources and
improve your payroll ROI.

HRIS Consulting:
Our Story 

Our sister company (All About Parking) is a 500-employee organization serving the hospitality industry. With an hourly workforce geographically dispersed across Fortune 500 client sites, we relied on an external Human Capital Management (HCM) service provider to manage our payroll and other HR functions. In 2017 we decided to switch to a different HCM vendor because fit our they offered more modules that fit our business needs. After our initial rollout of payroll with this new vendor, we began adopting additional modules such as scheduling, HR, and Training, building our deep expertise in payroll systems along the way.
Implementation Challenges
During our initial HRIS rollout, we quickly realized that the new HCM service provider's team could not provide the depth of implementation expertise that we needed to fully take advantage of their platform. They were not end users and did not understand how to incorporate our specific business requirements into their modules. So over the next 3+ years, we painstakingly developed our own in-house HRIS expertise and successfully customized and implemented:
  • Payroll
  • Time Management
  • Talent Acquisition & Talent Management
  • HR Management
  • Reporting & Analytics 
By developing significant implementation expertise and robust end-user training, we were able to improve employee productivity, reduce HR and IT costs. End result: Over $1.5M in cost savings.

We’ve gone through the pain, time and effort to customize and implement HRIS to our specific business needs.  With our strong implementation skills we can efficiently and cost effectively help you get the most out of HRIS.

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